I enjoy the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game immensely and I’ve recently carved out a time to play a game or two on OCTGN almost every day. Every night I put my three little kids to bed and then I have to sit outside their room for about 40 minutes getting them back to bed, granting or denying random requests, or authorizing some ridiculous errand. I grab the laptop and play a game or two from my rocking chair. Sometimes I play a deck I’m working on and sometimes I grab a deck off Ringsdb and give it a try.

My aim is to highlight different styles of decks and give very short impressions from playing a quest or two with the deck. It certainly won’t an exhaustive exploration of decks, and it probably won’t always be a fair review, but hopefully it will be fun and helpful for anyone looking for a deck of a certain stripe.

Playing and passing any sort of opinion or review on other people’s decks brings with a certain amount of danger. I might get roasted and that’s ok. My aim isn’t to give decks absolute grades or tell people they’re good or bad deck builders. My aim is to give short and hopefully helpful impressions o decks as I find them.


My name is Joseph Forster, and I’ve been enjoying the game since “core set days.” I try to stay involved in the LOTR LCG community as I can around busy life with owning a small business, attending to family, church and other real-life responsibilities. I live in Oregon, south of the Portland Metro area. I’m part of a weekly small play group and I try to host larger quarterly events at Guardian Games in Portland. Shoot me an email if you’re local and you’d like to meet up for a game or join our weekly Monday night session.