June Update

I haven’t been getting as many articles up lately and I apologize for the lack of content but I have a good excuse! I’ve been spending a good bit of my game time playing and recording some 2-player games with my friend Mr Underhill. He does all the hard work of managing the stream, recording, editing and publishing and I just get run the encounter deck and play! If you haven’t discovered his channel yet check it out on YouTube here! He does amazing work and he’s built up a good number of solo and 2-player videos over the past year. Being an English gentleman, he appreciates the finer things of life so he often plays the nightmare version of quests, but he usually talks through what the nightmare version adds to the quest and how he’s put his deck together to deal with the new challenges.

The players’ Facebook group has been focusing on a quest every week or two for the past few months so we’ve been recording plays of these quests using a variety of decks. Since we live 8,000 miles apart, the time difference is huge and we’re usually recording between 1-3AM (my time) so I apologize if I’m a little more zombie than human in some of these recordings.

Below are some of the videos we’ve created recently:

Mr Underhill and I even got to jump on a COTR stream and play a game with Chad!

I’m planning to get some deck reviews out this week! I’m currently working on testing a 2-deck fellowship featuring the 3 Hunters and I have a Gondor deck waiting for my attention behind that.  I hope to get another standard post out soon!

Thanks for reading!

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